Government Contracting

Taylor Government Contracting (TGC), a division of Pat Taylor and Associates, Inc(PTA)., provides outsourced contracting expertise for prime and sub contractors that either hold their own GSA schedules or desire a partnership utilizing our GSA schedule.

What We Can Do For You:

We can fulfill your staffing needs in SINs 736-1 and 736-5, in all of the following areas:

       Legal Administrative
•     Attorneys •     Executive secretaries
•     Law clerks •     Secretaries/clerical secretaries
•     Paralegal •     Data entry/Key entry personnel
•     Legal secretaries •     Receptionists & personal assistants
•     Legal support staff •     FOIA analysts

Our pricing is located on “GSA Advantage.”  Our GSA Number is GS-07F-0303N, and our NAICS codes are: 56132; 561320; 56131; 561310; 541611; and 5411.  You can find information about our key personnel on our web site:

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors

Recognized as one of Metro Washington's premier legal placement firms, TGC specializes in the temporary placement of attorneys, paralegals, administrative support staff and other executive-level professionals. TGC is a certified woman-owned business managed by legal professionals and attorneys who have broad experience in law firm, Government, and corporate legal and non-legal environments.

Since 1992 TGC has established a reputation for professionalism, integrity and a flexible approach to staffing in the legal, Government and business communities. Our industry-specific knowledge, ability to administer projects large and small, and emphasis on personal service ensure our clients the optimum workforce at a price they can afford.

With an extensive database of over 6,000 candidates encompassing virtually every area of expertise and every level of experience, TGC guarantees its clients a wide range of exceptional candidates.

Providing quality candidates is what we do best. We recognize that what we do right on the front end saves us and our clients trouble on the back end. Our specialized interview process tailored toward your particular project separates the well-qualified candidates from the pack.

Every candidate considered for employment through TGC has successfully completed a thorough screening process. Using a tailored checklist, our associates screen candidates for:

  • Reference checks
  • Requisite education/degree verification
  • Computer skills/assessment testing
  • Appropriate experience
  • Familiarity with subject matter
  • Willingness to work on the project
  • Overall time flexibility
  • Proximity to facility / Ability to get to work

In addition, computerized criminal background checks and credit checks are available on clients' request.

As always, our associates look for the qualities in candidates that are not apparent on paper, such as enthusiasm, attitude, work ethic, and personality, in order to determine overall fit.

After the interview, our associates will call on and speak with at least two of the candidate's supervisory references. The candidate's education is verified by contacting the school or schools listed on the candidate's resume. For attorneys, bar membership and good standing is confirmed by calling the relevant state bar association. Writing samples and transcripts are reviewed and are available for client review upon request. We also maintain complete files on each candidate in the event that you need more information at a later time.

Past Performance

A chronology of our past performance on government contracts is available on request.

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